Sunday, June 13, 2010

switched to wordpress

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

my first "i"

As i have mentioned in "i" about my property looted from the toys i decided to make something.. first of all i tried to lighten those tiny bulbs by inserting their wires into the socket and when i did not find any light but only smoke i gave up that idea and started using the batteries removed from the clock which made my mom wondering sometimes coz the time was still 11 though she had finished preparing the lunch... made a battery case using a thermocol and connected one of the bulbs wire directly and wrapped the other wire to a match stick which when moved will touch the other terminal of battery and thus the light would blow inside a transparent sharpner cover which was used to hold the worn pencil surface... hah i was so happy and had kept it beside my bed and was waitin 4 the night to come.. only den my small cousin sisy cam and broke that matchstick threw the thermacol and i saw my first ever creation destroyed.. i could not control my anger and wen i was about to hit her my grandma came n grabbed her and said ""hey y r u hitting my child --for breaking dat match stick"".. Don't dare to"" with tears in my eyes i could not explain to my grand ma that it was my first "i' ..................

Friday, May 14, 2010

i smile

while moving on a bus today i saw a girl smiling while talking on a mobile.. hmmmm seeing her "smile" unknowingly a small "smile" bloomed out of me even though she was not smiling at me.. i started thinking why is it so?? when we see some one smiling why do we "smile" or why does we feel happiness.. isn't that magical.. diseases spread through air, water , contact...but "smile" spreads only by smiling..i wish i had the ability to bring "smile" on the entire world.. i wish v cud spread smile through air.. through water so that v could bring back smiles on all those faces who have forgotten to smile....iam not craze to add "smile" in my almost techy blog...well why am i talking about "smile" here...... i need to talk on ichanical objects, ideas, tricks.. but what is the use of an idea which cannot bring "smile" on at-least a single face on this planet... i begin my life with a "smile" and hopes that one day i will be able to make you all "smile" ....ichanical

Thursday, May 13, 2010


when i thoght of creating a blog... like any other mechanical engineer even i wanted to name my blog "MECHANICAL" and in a time when almost all the kids using computer owns a blog i cant even imagine the availabilty of the name "MECHANICAL" I can only think of a name with so many m's or e's may b c's also on either sides of the word ....but i thought of replacing 'ME' with "i" afterall its "i" and no one else...

The only intention i had in my mind while creating ichanical was to change my attitude.. i simply wanted myself to be involved in some kind of research activities which i love to do but have never tried to do..... rather than simply wasting my time i thought i can learn something by interacting with people who also loves what i do and have established themselves to a greater height.. 'i" r 'me" having only 10 months post experience after college believes that am a zero till now and dont want to remain a zero nymor.. so am gonna try all d way to aquire knowledge and if god wills to will achieve what i hav always dreamt of...