Friday, May 14, 2010

i smile

while moving on a bus today i saw a girl smiling while talking on a mobile.. hmmmm seeing her "smile" unknowingly a small "smile" bloomed out of me even though she was not smiling at me.. i started thinking why is it so?? when we see some one smiling why do we "smile" or why does we feel happiness.. isn't that magical.. diseases spread through air, water , contact...but "smile" spreads only by smiling..i wish i had the ability to bring "smile" on the entire world.. i wish v cud spread smile through air.. through water so that v could bring back smiles on all those faces who have forgotten to smile....iam not craze to add "smile" in my almost techy blog...well why am i talking about "smile" here...... i need to talk on ichanical objects, ideas, tricks.. but what is the use of an idea which cannot bring "smile" on at-least a single face on this planet... i begin my life with a "smile" and hopes that one day i will be able to make you all "smile" ....ichanical