Thursday, May 13, 2010


when i thoght of creating a blog... like any other mechanical engineer even i wanted to name my blog "MECHANICAL" and in a time when almost all the kids using computer owns a blog i cant even imagine the availabilty of the name "MECHANICAL" I can only think of a name with so many m's or e's may b c's also on either sides of the word ....but i thought of replacing 'ME' with "i" afterall its "i" and no one else...

The only intention i had in my mind while creating ichanical was to change my attitude.. i simply wanted myself to be involved in some kind of research activities which i love to do but have never tried to do..... rather than simply wasting my time i thought i can learn something by interacting with people who also loves what i do and have established themselves to a greater height.. 'i" r 'me" having only 10 months post experience after college believes that am a zero till now and dont want to remain a zero nymor.. so am gonna try all d way to aquire knowledge and if god wills to will achieve what i hav always dreamt of...


  1. gud...keep up such an attitude alwayz...we r all learners till the end...:)

  2. tanx rukhitha........ i vl...